Welcome to Rosalie’s World!

Rosalie Deer Heart: Author, Artist, Workshop FacilitatorMy name is Rosalie Deer Heart. I was born psychic. I sped through college in three years because I “knew” what questions would be on exams. After college, I gravitated to courses on channeling and mediumship.

I do see, read, hear and interpret energy. To me, energy is simply information. As I connect with your Essence, I access information about your soul purpose, life lessons, gifts, and your unique spiritual signature.

When I dedicated my life to serve as a Resource to the Source, God took me seriously. My mission and joy is to remind you of why you incarnated on this earth at this time as well as your gifts.

Intuition, creativity, healing and service are woven into my soul purpose. During my six decades, I have enjoyed being a psychotherapist, teacher, author, sculptor, minister, and cosmic catalyst.

I delight in offering two and three day  retreats for individuals, couples, and groups.

Each retreat is designed to serve your further your evolution and includes a soul reading.

I also offer a seven month intensive training called Embodying Soul.

To schedule a Soul reading, the four session soul coaching process or a retreat, please call me at 207-730-2288 or email me here.

To find out more about Soul Readings and Soul Coaching Sessions, go here.

I will be moving to the Newport News area in Virginia in late January. If you want to sign up for a soul reading or soul coaching while I reside in Maine, you still  have time!


My Philosophy

I believe that the cultivation and expansion of love is a guiding principle on the spiritual path.

I believe each of us has a unique inner compass called Soul that assists us to fulfill our destiny. Conscious alignment with soul creates unlimited clarity, freedom, creativity, altruism, peace, and joy.

I believe we interact, love, and create within a multidimensional consciousness that includes past lives, parallel lives, and future lives.

I believe we invite each person as well as each event into our lives to remind us of our soul purpose.

I believe that a consistent spiritual practice is essential to the spiritual journey.

I believe each of us has the innate capacity to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.

I believe each of us has a responsibility to our soul and the future to become an active agent of evolutionary consciousnesses.

  1. Joan Chadbourne05-24-12

    This website is as beautiful and enticing as your soul and being. Thank you for bringing me inspiration, beauty and joy all in one place.

  2. Lucille Geyman06-02-12

    I’m still learning from you, as I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely liked reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the stories coming. I loved it!

  3. Steven Raymond08-13-13

    Rosie, Dear Heart, As much as any human being I have ever met, you embody your principles, completely Compassionate Presence, and profound capacity for Love. I love that we have met and look forward to visiting and sharing again with you again soon.

  4. Barbara Cook09-26-13

    Hello I am told from a Doctor I work with in Naples, Fl about you in Maine. Born and raised in Maine I too heard the other side guiding and rearing me as I grew into who I live today. Just to visit with another like me is blessful and being 60 as well.
    I guess I am only writing to say what a time we live in ah ? .. the playing field I call it. Many blessing to you in your new move.
    I am in Kennebunk for the summer till late fall and Marco Island and Naples Fl the other months where I work more freely while I rest here in Maine ha haa although I have four major patients now with non treatable illness that will reverse and become well soon.

    Also told what my work is and would be and as if blind I do as I am told and say what I am to say and am pleased to be in the light…
    and pleased to know another who works from the inside out.

    Just a simple note of joy .. Be great , Barbara Cook