Women’s Cooperative

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Rosalie Deer Heart – “Writing is connected to my soul purpose. Since I am a multi-dimensional woman, each of my books is multi-layered and multi-textured. The common theme is an invitation to Being Fully Present in our humanness and our sacredness.” To order:  www.Heart-Soul-Healing.com

Meredith Jordan

Meredith Jordan -“The one constant in this changing life is my love of all things beautiful. I first fell in love with the lampwork beads, collecting them from all over the world until there seems to be no option but to transform into more inspirational treasures!” To order www.etsy.com/shop/wildwomanbeads

Alice's Tapestries

Alice Monroney – “I first fell in love with fabric…then making bags for my beloved grandmothers it  evolved into selling 60,000 bags, internationally, over two decades. With never a return I  swear they hold their own magic.” To order: www.AlicesTapestries.com

Ellen Powers Art

Ellen Powers –  “It doesn’t take much to remind me that, no matter the century, fashion or medium, art is timeless and I can lose myself in its spell.” Ellen’s prints can be shipped right away for the holidays!  To order: www.EllenPowersArt.com