Embracing Wholeness: A Residential Retreat/Workshop

Claiming Preciousness, Joy, and Healing

September 28, 29, 30th

Camp Etna, Etna, Maine

“I know that I was born to facilitate this Retreat/Workshop Experience!”

  • Are you ready to move out of your ego centered personal story and attune to your unique soul story?
  • Are you ready to be guided by the frequencies of Future Pull?
  • Are you prepared to move from commitment to consecration of your journey?
  • Are you ripe to co-create with the Divine?
  • Are you ready to empower yourself to be a magnet for Joy and healing?
  • Are you ready to be nurtured by a community of people who are poised to embrace their wholeness?


We will center  and quicken ourselves by inviting:

  • Intuition
  • Active Imagination
  • Body Prayer
  • Reciprocity Meditation
  • Nuzzling with Nature
  • Journaling and dialoguing
  • Dream play
  • Synchronicity


Fee: $425 for lodging, healthy meals, and materials

To guarantee your spot, please send a deposit of $200 to:

Rosalie Deer Heart, PO Box 75, Etna, Maine 04434

If you have questions, please call me at 207-730-2288.

“Doing Rosie’s workshops has given me permission to live my story out loud!” T.J. Maine

Endorsement from S.C., Virginia Beach for Living Future Pull Now workshop:

“If you want to unravel some secrets of your psyche, this workshop can make that happen.
If you want to be challenged to the truth of yourself, this workshop will lead you there.
And for days afterward the insights will continue to flow, revealing a whole new world of possibilities.”

“The retreat weekend in Stetson, Maine, this summer was amazing! Rosie guides one into their personal story so you know what that feels like, what it sounds like and how you fall into the traps of ego. Than she leads you into your soul story and lets you feel and know the difference between the two, in a way that you can carry forward with your everyday life. The idea that we always have a choice is extremely powerful and the difference with choosing to do the dishes compared with having or needing to do them when we choose, we are empowering ourselves and it feels as if it is soul’s work rather than ego’s work. I have been able to bring this forward with my home life and my working life, asking myself is this personal story or is this soul story and where do I choose to be. My soul story is always the choice that supports my higher self and my soul’s purpose. I would highly recommend working with Rosie, she is a gem, a sweetheart and bright shining light.” HP, Maine

Facilitating individual and couples retreats is one of my specialties. Together we create deeper alignment with your soul purpose, soul qualities, and high heart, which frees you from limited beliefs, vows, and past lifetime overlays that keep you in your small self.

I combine music, art, meditation, movement, journaling, and time in Nature to assist you in embracing more of your authentic self. My desire is to co-create a unique experience for you to experience fully flourishing.

What do you do when life happens and you know that you cannot continue on the path that you have been pursuing for over a half century? You stop being a high flying escape artist and come back to earth to answer a soul call from the internet! Synchronicity hit me squarely in my wounded soul as I read Rosie’s blog: “I am moving to Newport News.” I knew deep in my soul that the call to healing could not be denied. I could barely contain myself and feared that I would sabotage my effort at healing as had been my past pattern. Rosie offered various options and suggested that I might want to consider a retreat as a nice jump start for overcoming old patterns. We set a date for this fall. Life happens and I had to reschedule the retreat due to a family illness. I thought “Oh no! I NEED to be home! My inner voice yelled “NO! You are not going to be any good to anyone if you don’t heal. Go! I went! I came back transformed! I am rested, kind, and giving attention to my soul purpose. I am witnessing miracles in my life each day. I urge you to listen to your inner voice when you too get the message to call upon Rosie’s services. CM Norfolk, VA

When I’m in Stetson next summer, I’ll meet you tent-side!

Please contact me at for more information.