Questions and Answers about Soul Readings and the Soul Coaching Process

How will I be different after a soul reading or the soul coaching process?

That depends entirely on you! I am the channeler, and you are the implementer. I give you the information you need in order to make transformational choices that align with your soul agreements. The rest is up to you!

What kind of information do you need from me to begin the process?

I need only your name. Most of us are attached to our stories. For me, stories are simply interpretations created by our ego/personality to explain or maintain a role.The less information I have about you, the less information I must let go of.

Why is the soul coaching process extended over four weeks?

For people who desire to lead their life from a place of soul empowerment, the transition takes time to integrate. We focus on one aspect of your life at a time: health, relationships, career, creativity, happiness and service. We also focus on limiting beliefs and unfinished business that is associated with the areas mentioned above. Also, I recommend that you commit to a daily spiritual practice and keep a reflective journal during the weeks we collaborate. The extended time allows for deepening, breakthroughs,synchronicity, and some times, even miracles.

Do you believe in karma?

You know, my experience is everyone has a personal definition of what karma means. For me, karma means unfinished business, unintegrated learning, areas of life experience that require another look. Based on that definition, I believe we all have karma. Fear, dislike, phobias, and even some illnesses are a result of karmic residue from the past. Have you ever tried to see through smeared glasses? Remember how distorted everything looked? Karma is the smudge of distortion.

Have you ever had the experience of receiving no information and what did you do?

During the more than thirty years of doing soul work, I have experienced just about every kind of challenge. Yes, a couple of times, I have not been able to gather information. I simply said, “I have no information to give you.” I never make anything up. One time I remember a person who reluctantly came with his girlfriend. He was determined to prove that he could wall himself off from me. I simply shook his hand and said, “You win.”

What if I don’t believe in past life times and I still think I want to do soul coaching and a soul reading? Will you still work with me?

Of course! I didn’t believe in past life times or the akashic records until I was seized by big memories in Cyprus, Bali, and Egypt and closer to home in New Mexico. Each memory of the past arrived uninvited and I could not deny the authenticity of the  feeling memory nor erase the impact  the experience left on my physical body. Please know I never push my beliefs on anyone.

You have been doing this work for more than three decades. Do you ever get bored?

No way! Never! You see, each soul is as unique as a snowflake. Each soul has a different history, perspective, and cosmic report card. I have the privilege of visiting with each person’s unique spaciousness. High energy animates me. I never get tired or bored. Inspired, yes!

Can personality override soul?

Oh, yes! Personality tends to be loud, habitual, controlling, and afraid. Like a willful child, it wants what it wants and it is never satisfied. It thrives on drama and retelling its stories, which are usually filled with resentments, complaints, drama, blame and suffering. If unchecked, personality will become dominant, blocking soul.

Do you ever come head to head with your own unfinished issues when you do a soul reading?

Yes! When that happens, and it is not often, I intentionally raise my vibration by breathing into my high heart and infusing my energy field with love. Another technique I use is to imagine a totem pole. Then I deliberately use my breath and intention to raise my energy to the top of the totem pole, which is free of personal projections.

How come I am unable to receive clarity from my own guides and teachers and you can? After all, it is my life!

Our guides and teachers are always present and always clear. The snafu is we sometimes get in our own way. For example, we may be invested in a certain outcome. We may not ask for the deeper meaning. We may be impatient and forget to make our energy field irresistible to our guides and teachers. Or we may receive the information and fail to put the guidance into action. I trained for several years to be a channel. then I practiced and practiced listening and refining.Recently, I have referred to my connection with my guides as “the grace channel.”

I really want to do soul coaching. Yet traveling to Maine is not possible. Are there other options?

Yes! Energy is non-local and that means that I can read energy no matter where you live. Hmmm, truthfully, I have never attempted a reading for an astronaut on the moon! However, I have done telephone readings with people in Russia, Iceland, Brazil, and Greece while sitting on my back porch in Maine.

To schedule a soul reading or sign up for soul coaching, please call me at 207-730-2288 or email me here.

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