Soul Mentoring

The Soul Mentoring Process

Soul Mentoring is like being a spiritual midwife.

We collaborate.

Grounding yourself in your unique soul agreements creates

  • a feeling of freedom
  • empowerment
  • fulfillment
  • authenticity.

No matter what areas of your life you wish to expand: relationship, intuition, career, health, service, prosperity, creativity, or soul growth, I will hold and express a spiritual perspective as you take action and embody your life lessons, confront your karma, release past life overlays and end the trance of your personal story.

You can count on me to be confrontive, compassionate, humorous, and a friend of your soul as I hold your feet to the fire and remind you that your inner wisdom exists in your heart and your bones.

We begin each session by tuning into your guides and teachers and then reflect on whatever is bubbling up in your heart. We adopt a soul-centered focus throughout our session. Often a homework assignment arises out of our engagement.

I also suggest that you keep a journal. Often dreams will be the voice of your soul alerting you to areas that are calling you into more depth.

Committing to at least one consistent spiritual practice during our journey together will ground you in your body as well as an expanded consciousness.

Since growth has its own timing, you are in charge of scheduling your sessions. Some times the four-session process continues over weeks or months.

Please email me at or call me at 207-730-2288 to talk about this opportunity.
Endorsements for Soul Mentoring

“It was Rosie, her honesty, that darn Maine humor, ayup, her joyful spirit and unwavering devotion to LOVE and its power and place in our lives, that helped me to stand in my soul’s light with intention and commitment as she challenged and supported me to live into the joyous expression of my authentic self .
Thank you Rosie, for helping to illuminate, like Dragonfly, my soul’s iridescent path.” E. H.

“Working through grief under Rosalie Deer Heart’s loving guidance has been transformative. Her gifts of insight and compassion, divinely inspired, have opened my heart to new possibilities, changing my consciousness and helping me return to soul’s ground, where tears and joy commingle. As “love loving,” in her mentorship Rosie transmits light and energy that give one the courage to embrace all of life. I am blessed to know her.” L.M.

I have been a student of consciousness for several decades and am very careful in choosing those I study with. I need to see skill, maturity, groundedness and self-responsibility along with wisdom and insight.  Rosie possesses all this and more.  I have had 3 soul readings with her and found them quite remarkable.  From her calm trance state, she evidenced awareness of wide arenas of my life’s assignments,  reiterating some of what I know from my astrology studies while adding many precise and previously unseen details.  It is extraordinarily efficient to spend time with Rosie as much time and many errors can be avoided through her insights and guidance.  I recommend her to students and friends without reservation.
SLD, artist, Maine



The cost for the 4 session Soul Coaching Process is $1150.