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Creativity is one of the many ways my soul expresses its essence.
The creative process insists that I set my mind aside along with my tendency to overachieve and override my limiting beliefs that I know nothing about how to create.

I woke one morning last fall determined to gather together the “light restorer candles” that I sculpted during the summer. Initially, I called them “light holders” — until my guides corrected me and named them “light restorers.” They stand as a means of restoring hope and are the opposite of despair.

This stone spoke to me in a dream. It challenged me to hammer and chisel deep, in order to find its “vein of healing.” I hammered, chiseled, and filed away about ten pounds of stone before I spotted a glimmer of green. This stone is a perfect place holder for the song I invite everyone to sing in my workshops: “Keep your heart open to love!”

Each time I create, I express a different aspect of my soul. Each time I create I challenge myself to go beyond what I believe I am capable of as I merge with the infinite possibilities that are forever present. Each time I dare to create I dream at night and awaken with insights and excitement. Each time I create I transform my consciousness. Each time I create I connect to a sacred aspect of myself.

Recent sculptures by Rosie

Two decades ago I chose stone, hard earth, to explore my creative process. Equally true, I believe that stone choose me.

Stone is hard and sometimes it is impregnable.
Stone is unpredictable and sometimes it shatters.
Stone is unforgiving.
Sculpting stone is like subtraction. I file away whatever doesn’t reflect the stone’s essence.

Last summer I chose to explore my creative process with clay, soft earth.
Clay is malleable and predictable.
Clay grows stronger each time I touch it.
Clay yields to my gesture.
Clay is forgiving and encourages me to explore my willingness to forgive others and myself.
Collaborating with clay is like addition. I add layers to bring out its essence.

Creativity awakens my yearning for wholeness. Form and texture replace words. Filing stone and pinching or throwing clay create meaning. As I trust my instincts and surrender to What Is, I merge with the clay or the stone and a form is born. Transformation emerges.

As an artist I intentionally invite the elements of earth, water, air, and fire to have their way with me.
As an artist I ground myself in my body, my instincts, my intuition, and await inspiration.
As an artist, I intentionally use my hands as extensions of my heart.
As an artist I awaken to unseen connections and invite my muse and the lineage of artists to inform and illuminate my creative offering.
As an artist I enter the mystery each time I make a gesture with my file or my hands.

Each time I am creatively generous with myself, I heal and gain a sense of my wholeness and overflow with appreciation for the earth. Clay and stone are earth. I too am of the earth and the dust of faraway stars. Together we co-create and grow through love.

My Newest Sculptures

The Birthing of Brigid



Bridget (back view)

Bridget (back view)

Angel, front view

Angel, back view

Heart Breaking Open

The Feminine Pyramid

Deva Land Marker

completed angel

(** Photos starred below were taken by and are shown courtesy of Arla Patch. Photos not starred were taken by Ed Rosenberg.)

More of My Sculptures

Sleeping Swan **

The Divine Feminine

Two views of a single piece: front shown at left; back shown at right.

White Alabaster Shell **

Stones Soon to Be Sculptures

Emerging Woman

Resting Animal Spirit

Those Women **

A Circle of Hearts

Rattles by Rosie

Naked Rattles—Not Yet Fired or Glazed

A Burnished Rattle

First Batch of Rattles

Grounding Rattle

Rattles by Rosie

More of Rosie’s Energy Rattles

Reclaiming Rattle

Recent Rattles **

Recent Rattles **

Rattles with Wooden Handles **

Soul Print Paperweights

Malia’s Soul Print Paperweight **

Noah’s Soul Print Paperweight **

The two soul print paperweights: Malia’s and Noah’s **

Please check back for more of my artwork to be displayed here in this space. Thank you.