Part of my daily spiritual practice is to align with my guides and teachers and request specific guidance. When a dear friend suggested the guidance I received also impacted his life, I was surprised. So I offer these nuggets of wisdom to encourage you to consult with your guides for inspiration and support.

Seed your expanding consciousness with beauty.

Grieving is part of the soul and compassion for self is another aspect.

The paradox you have yet to realize is that when you access multidimensional realities, time, as you know it, ceases to exist.

Each time you attempt to control your thoughts and ideas from your limited humanness, you frustrate yourself.

Without the engagement of your heart, universal resonance does not happen.

Silence is a prerequisite for multidimensional knowing. Silence is energy without thoughts. As you allow yourself to be silent, the essence of multidimensional Beingness infuses your human energy field.

When you do not feel inspired, do something else that brings you joy. When you are tired, rest. When you feel you MUST write, do the opposite. Your guides cannot work with you when you are a closed circuit.

Being receptive to Spirit is an art form. Announcing your openness to receive Spirit is an invitation. Being present to receive inspiration from Spirit is your part in the collaborative process.

Remember you are forever at a choice point. One way to clarify your intentions is to inquire: Am I identifying with the drama or with the organizing principles of my soul? To deepen your awareness, inquire,“What do I wish to create?”

Remember that force is aligned with control. Receptivity is aligned with creativity.

Consistency is another name for discipline.

Enjoy.  Enjoyment is like an open door to the infinite where all possibilities reside. Enjoyment beckons creativity. Beauty, too, is meant to be enjoyed and honored with all your senses. Beauty inspires hearts to open wide.

Your soul qualities exist to inspire you and foster your alignment with essence.

Tests and initiations are calibrated to an individual’s level of mastery.

Something within you must die before you are ready to birth newness.

Emotional triggers point to unfinished business. The moment you are aware of reacting to an emotional trigger, smile inwardly and thank life for providing you an opportunity to choose to react from your programmed personality or the spaciousness of your soul. Remember to thank the person or event that triggered you.

Staying stuck is like dying a little each day.

Prayer is a deep collaborative process that is dedicated to holy alignment. Engage in your favorite form of prayer each day.

All parallel lifetimes are simultaneous and co-exist and live in the eternal now. Future life times are also part of the eternal now. Imagine a circular slide that you can slide inside and outside, up or down.

Readiness is a frequency; a wavelength. If you believe you are ready, you are. When you announce your readiness to receive, the universe responds.

Alignment is an aspect of focus. Align with the Divine Plan for that is your destiny. A sense of inner fulfillment follows.

What you pay attention to determines the frequency of your energy.

Avoid struggles. Ask “What is being asked of me relative to the organizing principles of my soul?

Withholding and withdrawing are both ways of gaining and maintaining control and indicate that you do not trust yourself or the process.

Your consciousness is entrained to expanded consciousness.

Be conscious of your inner rhythm and outer balance.

Healing is an inner alignment with the organizing principles of the soul.

You are living within the parenthesis, the in-between place between the past and the future. It is rich in possibilities, fantasies, projections, hopes and fears. It carries the potential to be a sacred place of healing or a place of suffering. If you align with your soul, the future will enfold you with blessings, beauty, and multidimensional surprises. If you align with the patterns of your ego, the future will be clouded with disappointments, struggles, and karmic pain. The choice is yours.

Neither personal nor cosmic evolution comes with guarantees.

Why be content to travel at the speed of light when you are capable of traveling at Godspeed?

Committing to live your daily life aligned with your multi-dimensional nature is a bold act.

Each time you reclaim an aspect of your Self, your energy field is re-configured.

Practice embracing your dreams as advanced directives from the future.

Enjoying your life from a a sense of wonder opens dimensional  doorways.

Envy resonates with the same energy as greed. The more you focus on lack, the more separated you feel from Essence.

Reflection refreshes.

Emotional triggers and outbursts point to unfinished business.

Love is magnetic.

To be compassionate when someone is seized by a neurosis only prolongs the sickness.

Remember any time you retreat to old, limited patterns, you are playing safe.

Each time you react from your personality, you invite defensiveness.

Neither personal nor cosmic evolution comes with guarantees.

Inner silence is energy without thoughts.

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