Living Future Pull

Nancy's lark
When my evolutionary buddy, Nancy Carlson, excarnated, she channeled, “Rosie, I am as free as a lark.” Later on the day that she died, I was sending her Light for the Journey prayers, and I heard a voice say, “Go outside and look over your house.” I grabbed my camera and here is what I saw!


Rosie was the guest speaker at Unity Church in Portland, Maine, on July 28, 2019. Enjoy!


May 12, 2019! Fellowship of the Inner Light, Joy in Worship service. Rosie was the Sunday Speaker!

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May 11, 2019! Rosie spoke on her book, Living Future Pull, at the Cayce Center in Virginia Beach!

A special treat! Rosie and Alison discuss Living Future Pull. Listen in!

The Birthing of Brigid

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Living Future Pull’s Supplemental Bonus Materials

In Awaken and Soul Befriending I included challenges and activities to make the books more interactive. I was fond of saying that both books were a year’s workshop between covers. Living Future Pull felt different and I did not want to interrupt the flow.  I also wanted to save trees and I decided to place my prompts on my website.

Enjoy the dynamic process of discovering your own Future Pulls!


I offer these quotations to help you reflect upon your own journey as you align more deeply with your evolving soul story. Use them for writing prompts to deepen your connection with those that speak to you.

“People say that we are all seeking a meaning in life…I think that what we are seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance with our inner most being and reality, so that we can actually feel the rapture of being alive.” Joseph Campbell

“Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want.” Alice Walker

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” Rumi

“I think the universe is expanding—it is experiencing and accomplishing. And we have the opportunity to add to its glow.” Helen Nearing

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step.” Martin Luther King

“The refusal of ecstasy is unknown in heaven.” Marianne Williamson

“Events are either stepping stones or stumbling blocks.” Edgar Cayce

“Everything in your life is a vehicle for transformation. Use it.” Ram Dass

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” Marsha Norman

“All experience happens for one purpose only: to expand your awareness.” Paul Ferrini

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” Emily Dickinson

“The consciousness of each of us is evolution looking at itself and reflecting on itself.” Teilhard de Chardin

Reflective Questions

I designed the following questions as prompts to assist you on your journey towards conscious evolution. Questions helped me connect the dots in my journey. Many of them arose from my heart as I worked on Living Future Pull. I invite you reflect and respond to those that resonate with you.

What stories do you tell about your life?

What stories do you attract from others?

Which stories empower you?

Which stories diminish or depress you?

What determines whether you choose to star in your personal story or your soul story?

Which self do you most often affirm in your stories: scared self or evolutionary self?

What roles do you play in your personal stories?

What triggers your participation in your personal story?

What are your most predominant limiting beliefs that fuel your personal story? (Remember there are limiting family beliefs, cultural beliefs, and karmic beliefs.)

What are your most familiar coping patterns?

How would your life be right now if you let go of judgment—including self-judgments?

Dynamics of Edge Walking Stories

What body signals alert you that you are on a threshold between your personal story and your soul story?

What aspects of your life are calling for transformation?

What illusions have you faced and surrendered in the past year?

What is the one thing you yearn to do that you fear you will die if you do not do it?

In what ways are you taking responsibility for what happened or did not happen in your life?

What freedoms have you traded in for comfort and security?

What do you need to release, express, or heal in order to step more fully into your soul story?

Dynamics of Soul Story

What are the soul shifting events in your life?

How do you know when you are being faithful to your own soul story?

Where do you need to grow in order to resonate even more deeply with your soul story?

What aspects of Love are you bringing into the world?

What is love asking you to transform in your life?

What would the world look like if you loved it just as it is?

In what ways do you acknowledge your preciousness?

Field Notes

While editing Living Future Pull, several wisdom gems stood out for me.  Similar to cliff notes that I relied upon in college, I hope the following wisdom threads will move you beyond ordinary awareness to a greater sense of your wholeness.

We each have a unique energetic signature.

Whatever we believe, we are correct because the universe will endorse whatever we believe.

Everything that you think about, say, or do to another is a reflection of how you view yourself.

As you withdraw your projections, your relationship with soul will expand.

Our physical body is affected by attitudes and emotions.

Identifying exclusively with your personal story creates a victim consciousness.

To put an end to scarcity thinking, forgive yourself and others.

The capacity to let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts is an indication of how free you are.

The goal is never to escape our stories, but to make our stories sacred.

The courage to see without attachment or judgment is a trampoline to soul story.

Self-love and intuition are intimately connected.

Soul evolution requires times of silence. Think of Silence oxygen for the soul.

Consciousness is multi-layered. When you live your life from your unique soul story, you acknowledge more than the here and now perspective.

Being curious and opening yourself to your multi-dimensional nature scares your ego and delights your soul.

You are not responsible for the karmic evolvement of another soul.

We are in a different relationship with time when we realize we are eternal.

The soul can exist without a body. The body cannot exist without the soul.

Embodiment is the delivery system of the soul.

Your alignment with soul is for the sake of inner truth — not for inner rewards.

Soul growth is not about learning. It is about remembering without the scrambled frequency that ego creates.

When you are aligned with your soul, you radiate love and healing.

The soul constantly calls to the ego to die to its illusions.

Grace requires a human body in order to express in the human dimension.

Everyone is a spark of the Divine and therefore a channel of love and healing.

Writing Prompts and Activities

As a dedicated journal keeper, I appreciate writing prompts. The questions often arouse responses from my Future Self and I sometimes regard some my responses as “wisdom bites.” I invite you to open your heart and you mind wide as you respond to the following writing prompts:

Write about anything positive that anyone has ever said about you.

Complete this phrase several times by beginning each sentence with—I am afraid to love myself completely because____________.

At day’s end, honor yourself for who you have been that day by writing: I acknowledge myself for_____________.

Keep a dream journal.

Record, date, and name your dreams.

How are you different after having this dream?  

How may your dream balance an extreme? The extreme might be an attitude, belief, or feeling

What might this dream be telling you about your body?

Complete this phrase several times by beginning each sentence with:

My soul remembers______________.

Describe your life if everything worked out perfectly?

Who would be with you?

What would you be doing?

Where would you be living?

Finish the following sentence several times without stopping:

Living from the center of my authentic growth calls me to______________________.

If your present lifetime were a book, what is the title of chapter you are living right now?

What are the titles of the next five chapters?

What are the connecting threads?

What is the title of the sequel?

Write down the following words and complete this phrase several times always by beginning the sentence with: “What I love in my life is ________.”

List all the ways you experience your innocence.

Do a monthly completion inventory. Bless and release whatever no longer serves you.

Review the events and interaction of the day with a focus of being aware of the impact you had on others.

Write about an unresolved situation until you identify something funny and then identify one action that promotes self-loving.

Imagine that you empowered yourself to fix one broken thread or create one thread that does not exist in your life. Write about would have to change to have that happen now.

Return to a powerful event in your life and write about how the event feels about you.

Write your own obituary as you hope it will be written.

List your five most persistent negative thoughts.

List ten ways you could expand your light.

Write about the most recent time you smiled from your soul.