My Philosophy

I believe that the cultivation and expansion of love is a guiding principle on the spiritual path.

I believe each of us has a unique inner compass called Soul that assists us to fulfill our destiny. Conscious alignment with soul creates unlimited clarity, freedom,creativity altruism, peace, and joy.

I believe we interact, love, and create within a multidimensional consciousness that includes past lives, parallel lives, and future lives.

I believe we invite each person as well as each event into our lives to remind us of our soul purpose.

I believe each of us has a personal and collective ego that demands to be in control and distorts perception.

I believe that soul empowerment begins by overriding the motivations of ego, which direct us to contract, with soul motivations, which beckon us to expand.

I believe that a consistent spiritual practice is essential to the spiritual journey.

I believe each of us has the innate capacity to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.

I believe each of us has a responsibility to our soul and the future to become an active agent of evolutionary consciousnesses.

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