I have included a list of some of my favorite soul-centered friends and their websites and blogs. Your heart and soul will be glad that you visited each of them!

My friend and pottery teacher, Squidge Davis, has created a nature “sanctuary to wildness” and creative generosity on her 100 acre farm and studio in Monroe, Maine. Treat yourself to a retreat or workshop.

My friend Mary Ann Russell is a medium and healer with a huge heart. She uses her intuition to the max and specializes in assisting bereaved parents to re-connect with their beloved children in Spirit. She also has a passion for assisting people who are dying to make a peaceful transition.

My friend, Joan Chadbourne, along with her guides and teachers, will support, encourage and dare you to discover soul-centered love within you as you co-create deeper relationships with self, Spirit, friends, family and that intimate partner your heart desires. and

My friend, Michael Lightweaver, spiritual journeyer and convener of light workers, created this enchanted spiritual retreat center for individuals and groups near Asheville, North Carolina.

Another one of Michael Lightweaver’s evolutionary creations! He offers a free curriculum in consciousness, designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart centered leaders in their communities and the world.

Another  delicious center for personal retreats or spiritual workshops. The sunsets and night sky in New Mexico are awesome. Agave Ridge is a new retreat center that awaits you! It is located in the Gila Wilderness and a rendezvous with an agave awaits you!

OladOrganization for Life Architecture and Design, was created by Lou Ann Daly and  Lynn Potoff,  soul-centered authors and consultants with huge humors, to help leaders to more confidently lead from  positions of clarity and courage by naturally using their strengths.

My friend Ted Coulson is a soon-to-be famous photographer who captures Essence in his pictures. He is also a creativity consultant and a very sensitive, gentle man. See two of his pictures on the Soul Coaching page of this website.

My friend John Hornecker is a devoted cosmic scientist. His beautiful website, Transforming Personal and Planetary Consciousness, includes insightful information about soul, oversoul, soul transfers, ascension, and healing,  from a multidimensional perspective. He also includes down-to-earth advice about natural health.

My friend Mariam Weidner’s gift is to listen from her soul and assist you to connect deeply with the heart of your story. A Moving Life Story is a digital recording of YOU telling YOUR story in YOUR voice as a gift for others. It captures and preserves the ‘snapshot’ of your life that you want to share with family, friends, organizations or professional communities in an audio CD, short video or digital story.

Daniel Holeman is a radiant, mystical artist. His website brings tears to my eyes each time I visit. My soul delights in the beauty he creates. Plus, he created the covers for Awaken and Soul Befriending!

My longtime friend Meredith Jordan is a heart-centered entrepreneur who creates beauty and gives back to the women who supply her with beads. I have purchased stunning earrings and lovely necklaces from her at Wild Women Beads. Best yet, she tells me the stories of the women who contributed to her beautiful creations. Visit her at: or