Soul Readings

What is a Soul Reading?

Leading a Soul-centered life means embodying your Soul Purpose and aligning with your life lessons and soul qualities, the by-laws of your Being. Your soul qualities are like big magnets that align you to your soul purpose.
Seven Reasons to know your soul purpose:
Knowing and living your purpose is the shortest pathway to good health, clear mind, open heart, evolutionary relationships, and happiness.
Identifying your unique soul purpose conserves precious energy.
Aligning with your soul purpose, contributes to your personal healing and helps heal our world.

Shifting your consciousness toward a soul centered perspective, expands your ability to embrace your authentic Self.


Imagine that before you were born, you conversed with your soul, that aspect of you that is connected to spirit, and your soul reviewed what it needed from you for its continuing evolution. Please remember out of all the possible candidates that your soul chose you!
When you accepted the challenge, the interweaving of your human story and your soul story began.

Evidence  that you are in alignment with your cosmic report card and your soul agreements includes:

Knowing from your heart that you  are on the right track

A sense of ease or flow

Good health

A Unique Form of Personal Creativity

Evolutionary Relationships


A deep sense of meaning and expressed service


Specific life lessons are  also included on your cosmic report card. You may have neglected to embody an aspect of consciousness or you may have judged an aspect of consciousness in the past and this life time you agreed to wrap your arms around specific experiences on the consciousness continuum. Remember life lessons are often places of drama, trauma, and karma until you wrap your soul purpose around the life lessons. Transformation happens! They life lessons do not disappear. You have an expanded perspective and are capable of moving beyond the victim role into the co-creator role.

Are you ready to release limiting beliefs that result in victimhood and mediocrity?

Are you ready to release any past lifetime vows that restrict your freedom to be in full alignment with your present day soul purpose?

Are you ready to respond to your unique soul calls and say Yes to Future Pull Destiny Calls?

Are you prepared to base your choices on “Who do I yearn to become? rather than What should I do?

Do you itch to be of service to the evolution of this planet?

The one hour plus session is Skyped or taped and downloaded to a MP3 file for your review. Expect to be  surprised and filled with appreciation of your own “genius gene” as you review your unique cosmic report card. The session is grounded and centered in love and channeled by your guides.I bring thirty five years of experience plus an outrageous sense of humor to each session.

Soul Reading

Many people choose to gift a loved one with a soul reading!

A soul reading is a much appreciated, always unique gift!

Please Note:  If you’re purchasing a soul reading as a gift, please email me at [email protected] to let me know that. I will then email you a certificate for you to print out and present to your recipient. Thanks.

Purchase a Soul Reading: $315.


Soul Update

Whether you call it a “soul tuneup” or a “soul update,” the hour plus session provides specific information about what is being supported by your soul and well as what is being asked of you.
People choose to have a soul update months or even years after having a soul reading. Think about a soul reading as looking at your life through a telescope to access your soul purpose and soul agreements. A Soul Update looks at the current cycle as if looking through a microscope. We take an in depth look at what is being supported by your soul during your current cycle and your guides have an uncanny way of book marking the beginning and ending of the Now moment. Like a soul reading, the session is channeled. There is more interaction and I interweave my intuitive skills as well as my therapeutic skills. Being clear about what is being supported and enhanced in your consciousness and what you are being invited to experience and express adds clarity, zest, and a sense of freedom to the present.
The cost for an Update is the same as a Soul Reading.

Purchase a Soul Update: $315.

What People Are Saying About Soul Readings

“Rosalie Deer Heart is an extraordinary  channel of higher intelligences.  She knows the power lies in her spiritual guides collaborating with the spiritual guides of the client.  She also evokes the assistance of higher intelligence in charge of evolution.  Dynamite!  Her channeling proceeds from there.  Her training as a psychotherapist adds a touch of human connection that is both kind, wise and reassuring. Extremely helpful in addressing all aspects of life. Five Stars!”—EB, Vermont


“Thank you for helping me find the right direction, you’re like a compass helping me find my

True North.” R.B. Gerogia

Thank you so much for a life changing soul reading.
My soul purpose and soul qualities have given me a deeper understanding of some of the decisions I have made and events I have experienced in my life. They have made it possible for me to see myself more kindly for some aspects of my past. The “vow” that we cleared has given me a sense of freedom and lightness in the past few days that has kept me in a wonderful state of contentment. I keep realizing that I’m smiling as the day goes by. Sunny

“Any journey is much easier with a map – landmarks, hazards, points of interest to visit, construction in progress – and most of all, a clear direction. These are the gifts of a soul reading…” L.G. Florida

“My soul reading was a meta-picture of my souls purpose that visited my past lives and experiences and overlaid my soul purpose onto this lifetime in order to experience clarity and a refocus. I am still listening and absorbing and assimilating the reading and I am sure I will be doing this for many days. ~ There was so much!” E.T. Virginia Beach

“My soul reading with Rosie was very powerful and there was a lot for me to digest and take forward. My souls purpose and my soul qualities are written down on a note card so I can read them whenever I need reminding of what direction I am going. Each time I have had the pleasure of working with Rosie, I feel I am in the presence of someone who is working from her soul and a place of love and light.” H. P.

“A soul reading from Rosalie Deer Heart is an enormous gift that sees to the heart of the matter and heals with gentle, direct, and precise strokes of love, truth, and wisdom. She is a bridge to a changed life.” Dr. Nancy Carlson

“Through the process of my soul reading, Rosie Deer Heart has illuminated so many aspects of my life and relationships, giving me understanding and clarity about the path I have chosen. Her insightful observations have guided me as I move forward in creating a meaningful future. This experience has dramatically impacted all aspects of my life, even years later, perhaps even more as time progresses. I can still feel the power of what took place at that moment. She continues to be a wise and gentle, loving guide as I continue to redefine the beauty of a purposeful life filled with inspiration and joy.” Leslie Rosenberg

“Rosie Deer Heart has a special gift. She helps people find their soul’s purpose and guides them on their journey towards fulfillment. I know because she helped me in that way.” Ted Coulson, PhD, President of Applied Creativity

“Rosie Deer Heart is a unique and wise gift to the earth! My soul coaching experience was one of the most phenomenal processes I have ever encountered! As a result, I was able to break cycles, barriers and fears in a few short months through her spiritual guidance. The information I was provided illuminated my path to the point where everything she outlined and predicted is unfolding at warp speed! I have opened my own spiritual business and following a multi-dimensional path. Her accuracy, kind and gentle heart will propel you to open up to your highest self. I highly and strongly recommend that if you are ready to open up to your dreams you work with Rosie!” Melissa Ann Boyd, Yarmouth Maine

To schedule a soul reading or sign up for soul coaching, please call me at 207-730-2288 or email me here.

  1. Wendy McCoy02-01-13

    Hi Rosalie —

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your book, “Awaken”. I am a busy single Mom of two teenaged children with little time for myself, but whenever I get the chance, I read your book. I am now almost done reading it, but have taken my time in doing so as it is so beautiful. There have been many words of wisdom which I have taken to heart and which I have also posted on my fridge as gentle reminders.

    A heart-felt thank you to you and your guides and angels for allowing your words to come to me.