Soul Tending Retreats

Spiritual retreats at the beach

I have forever had a dream of being a hostess at my spiritual bed and breakfast place. That dream pre-dated my life as a psychotherapist, writer, teacher, minister, and artist.

As I matured and outgrew many roles, the vision of a spiritual bed and breakfast expanded to include individual soul tending retreats, and my guides applauded.

For sure, soul tending retreats allow me to serve as a spiritual midwife and companion to people who are seeking to live more deeply and lightly into wholeness and holiness.

Whether you join me in Virginia Beach during the winter and spring or in Maine during the summer and fall, count on your soul tending retreat being a collaborative adventure. Together we will clarify your intentions, consult daily with guides for their perspectives and reach deep into our hearts, minds, and bodies for wisdom.

Imagine abiding on the beach, close to the National Forest in Virginia Beach during January through mid-May, or relish summer and fall next to the woods and within hearing distance of the haunting calls of loons and a nearby lake for swimming.

We will meet three times each day for meditation, channeling, inner work,  creative self expression, dream expansion, and reflection. Organic homework assignments will ground your intuition and inspire you to expand beyond your limited beliefs and even your imagination. Befriending Nature and co-creating with the Divine are part of your unique soul tending experience. We will also invite the wild card of Future Pull to create an evolutionary context for your retreat.


 Each retreat is collaboratively designed.

Soul tending is a deep-dive immersion.

Your heart leads and your head follows.

Pleasure and leisure are integral to our retreat.

Nature is part our team.

* A follow-up conversation, that takes place about one month post-retreat, is included!

Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 207-730-2288 to talk about this opportunity.

Participants Sing Their Praises for Spiritual Retreats with Rosie

“My four day spiritual retreat with Rosie sometimes felt like a gallop and other times felt like a waltz. I have never felt so nurtured in heart, mind, body and soul—all simultaneously!

“I arrived disheveled and not knowing what to expect of Rosie or myself. As I settled into myself and the beach and forest, I felt the first stirrings of contentment and trust in myself and my capacity for expansion.

“We met three times a day in silence, conversation, and inquiry, and I discovered a reverence for simply allowing and then intentionally inviting my intuition to speak and guide.

“Rosie invited me into her contemplative and creative life and I am grateful beyond words. I discovered my brilliance!” – H. J., Florida

“My center of gravity shifted and I discovered the center of my levity during the four day retreat with Rosie. Not only that, I learned and practiced how to connect with my own wisdom center.

“Rosie is outrageous, centered and direct. She is also a culinary expert who delighted in preparing meals with the same consciousness that she exhibited when we met three times a day to talk about what was uprising in my heart or belly.

“Her homework assignments were magic! I broke through barriers and limiting beliefs that I did not even know I had! Plus, I learned how to laugh at myself and also to re-direct my attention when I was not in alignment with my soul.

“This four-day spiritual retreat changed how I am in relationship with my heart, body, mind and life.” – B. F. , Georgia